Service & Parts

Our Service Department includes Vermeer and Highline factory trained service techs just a phone call away for your maintenance and repair needs. We carry a large selection of Vermeer, Highline, Hustler and McCormick parts.

We are capable of working on all makes and models. And have the tools to get the job done right, so you can get back out to the field.


Net Wrap & Twine

Wichman Ag Supply, LLC. carries Vermeer & Bridon Net Wrap, Bridon & PolyXL Twine, as well as Sisal and biodegradable twine. We can also custom order colors to meet your needs.



 Net Wrap:

Vermeer 64 x 7000
Vermeer 67 x 7000
Vermeer 64 x 8800
Golden Harvest 7000


Big Ball 110
RB 130
RB 150
RB Sisal
Small Sq 9600 170
Big Square 440
Big Square 350


For any additional help or to schedule service please call Walter Wichman at 406-350-0380, or the office at 406-538-5686.