About Us

Wichman Ag Supply LLC is a small, three generation family owned and operated business.

Our story begins with Greg’s father, Gene Wichman, who was one of the first producers in Montana to bale hay with a round baler. In 1971 when Vermeer came out with their “One-Man-Haying Machine”, Gene snatched one up! People would come from all over to watch Gene bale hay here in Hilger, MT. Gene was so impressed with this new innovation and believed this product would help fellow producers that he became a dealer and sold his first Vermeer baler in 1974. Thus began the framework for our current business as Gene continued selling Vermeer haying equipment, parts and providing service for the next 21 years.

Reminiscing through the eyes of his 6 year old son, Gene recalls Greg being so excited about the Vermeer Balers that he could hardly wait to try them out! Thus growing up most of Greg’s time was spent helping his Dad with the business and learning about the equipment. As time went on, Greg went to school and experienced life beyond Hilger, MT, but his love for the equipment and community eventually beckoned him back to run the business with his Dad Gene in 1991.

Today, Greg is co-owner of Wichman Ag Supply LLC with his wife, Tami. As Sales Manager, Greg can provide you with quality equipment for your operation. Having literally grown up in the business, Greg has many years of experience with both product knowledge and servicing equipment. Greg has extended the business to include Highline equipment, Agri-Best Feeds, and AGCO parts. Greg’s son, Walter, has recently rejoined the family business after graduating from MSU-Northern with a diesel mechanic degree and working as an agricultural mechanic and truck driver.

Walter is the Service Manager and can answer all of your parts and service needs. Walter’s love for haying equipment also started young, as he recalls helping his Dad from the time he was 5 years old. He was put to work raking with a Vermeer rake when he was 6, and he fondly recalls how excited he was to be able to run his first Vermeer baler by himself when he was 8 years old. Walter has never missed a haying season since. With all that practical hands-on experience he knows how to help you, and strives to stay current with any updates to existing equipment and new product developments by attending service schools. Above all, he knows the importance of keeping customers in the field which is his ultimate priority.

We offer quality products and have the knowledge to provide you with comprehensive service and support when you need it most. We value our customers and our number one priority is to provide you with the best equipment and service possible to keep you in the field.