Looking over your equipment

The look over is as important as the actual servicing of your equipment. When you first get to the baler or swather, do a walk around while you’re warming up that equipment. This gives you the opportunity to spot potential problems before they become huge downtime. These pictures are of netwrap that was wrapped around the end of a roller. The operator didn’t check his baler before each day because this is likely to be several days worth of melting and net. Luckily for the operation, we were doing a pre season on this baler and we’re able to remove the piece before it was able to take out the bearing and cause a fire.


This is what that part is supposed to look like:

Bottom line is, I don’t care if your equipment is blue, red yellow or orange. If you don’t take the 15 minutes to check over your equipment each day, you’re almost guaranteed to have a costly break down sometime during the season.

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